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Room C, Toilet Enclosure, Koko Veneer 

photo credit: David Puireck

The guest room was paneled with a mystery wood identified as Koko.  It took an in-depth study of veneers and old veneer usage to determine that the true wood was an obsolete form of veneer from the species Albezia. Sourcing the wood was a year-long challenge that resulted in a single log of the species found to be sliced for veneer.  I sub-contracted the slicing and sanding of the wood. 


Room B, Toilet Enclosure, Prima, Vera Veneer

photo credit: David Puireck

In Mable Ringling’s bedroom the missing toilet enclosure and folding washstand were built from Prima Vera to match the wood on the walls.  An original photograph and drawings gleaned from Car Builder’s Encyclopedias were used in the design.







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