The body of this work includes the restoration and duplication of pieces from the Roamer built for Joshua Cosden in 1918.  Serious research and study found that the marquetry on these pieces was Sycamore treated with chemicals to give it the distinctive color…an antiquated style of work called “Harewood”. 

The small dresser was completely built from a single photograph and scant drawings. Details of the color and style were lifted from the large dressing table. Consistent to the original design every surface of the piece is covered with hand-colored Marquetry.  Pulls were copied and cast, re-plated in silver.

The Roamer has been fully restored and is the flagship of the Aberdeen, Carolina & Western Railway.




Research also revealed that the furniture was designed and made by William Baumgarten & Co. Baumgarten was a former foreman for the Herter Brothers design firm.

The large dressing table was found in dilapidated condition, covered in stains and a coat of dried and peeling varnish. A careful and thoughtful restoration revealed the original colors and restored function to the piece. French Polish protects the marquetry once again.  The hardware was found to be silver plated and restored to original finish also.

This desk was restored.





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