Norfolk Southern # 32

Research and Testing Car

Ex- NYC 1

NS 32 is the show piece of Norfolk Southernís research and testing lab in Roanoke, Virginia. The 32 is careful blend of original details and modern technology.  Computer systems on the car allow testing of a wide variety of locomotive systems and train service in modern usage. The current caretaker of the car wanted to make sure the cars heritage was obvious and to keep the car practical for daily use.

We restored and recreated many pieces for the Norfork-Southern 32 including a dining room table, dining room chairs, dressers and headboards for the bedrooms, an end table, and an exact duplicate of the original sofa in in the observation lounge.



Original Mahogany bedroom dressers were refinished and refitted for continued use.  The sides and top were stripped of numerous coats of paint and restored to original finish. These pieces were made from curly Cuban Mahogany.  The fronts of the drawers were destroyed by previous modernization attempts and had to be re-veneered.




Custom cherry work table with inlaid company logo.

In the dining room we built a cherry dining/work table with the Norfolk Southern logo cut into the top.  Old diner chairs were repurposed to provide seating.



A small cherry side table was built with room to store items that railroaders usually carry in their back pockets. The NS logo was inlaid into the top. 



Two corner shelves, recreated from original.


Original, sunbleached, damaged shelf on left. New on right.


Working from original full-scale Pullman drawings I was able to replicate the long-missing observation room sofa. The bottom pulls out to make a bed.  Upholstery work was done by a local upholstery shop. This massive undertaking was finished on time and under budget. 


  Vintage photograph post World war II era.


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